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Nature's Elements
For long, our skin has been exposed to
chemical-based products, and time has
come to fight the adversaries of
chemicals and harmful pollutants….
Moto is purity
We rely on natural elements and
their inherent purity to formulate
these body care elixirs.
Responsible,Sustainable- Sourcing
A greener future with renewable natural
resources in abundance, is a reality, all
humans are yearning and working for,
for their future generations.
Committed R&D
The brand is extremely cautious of
the impact their products will
make across the globe.


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Coconut Lip Balm


With tropical flavors of pineapple, guava, passion fruit and mango, this super-smoothie will have you doing the hula in no time… grass skirt and coconut bra not included.

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Honey Face WashHoney Face Wash

Honey Face Wash


A hydrating treatment cream with royal black honey that replenishes moisture and transforms skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion.

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