Clothing Fabrics to keep cool in summer

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Summer is on and it’s getting hotter, you should now be aware of the best strategies and methods for appearing cool this summer, as well as how to ‘feel’ cool in the hot weather. We’ll talk about summer wardrobe ideas for Indian men and ladies.

Sweat and humidity are unavoidable during the summer. But what if we taught you how to combat the summer heat in style? As we present summer clothing ideas for Indian men and women, you will like every piece of style advice we are about to show you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Summer Fashion

We will, of course, deliver you the best style you can imagine for this summer 2022, but first and foremost, something very important must be solved. What should you think about while purchasing for this summertime.

A variety of things influence how well a person feels throughout the summer and its hot temperatures.

These are the few things we need to keep in mind while picking clothes from your wardrobe or shopping mall or online shopping.

Whether or not there is an air outdoors

What Color Their Clothes Are

If the cloth is breathable

Whether the clothing is too tight or too loose

Furthermore, your degree of comfort.

Festive Sarees

5 fabrics to keep you cool

Cotton Fabrics: The king of summer fabric.

Cotton absorbs perspiration from your body and allows it to dissipate into the air. It acts like a towel, wicking moisture away from your skin and inhibiting the growth of germs and yeast. This makes it the ideal summer cloth since it keeps you cool and avoids illnesses. You should avoid synthetic materials as much as possible since, unlike cotton and other natural fabrics, most synthetic fabrics do not breathe. As a result, when you sweat, the perspiration does not evaporate as quickly as it should.

Choose Lighter Colors:

White, yellow, beige, and other light colors keep you cool because they reflect the majority of the sun’s rays back into the sky. Dark textiles, on the other hand, absorb and trap these rays’ heat, making you feel hotter.


Khadi, one of India’s oldest fabrics, has made a resurgence in the market owing to fashion designers exhibiting it on the runway in a fashionable way. Khadi is one of the most comfortable summer fabrics, and it also looks attractive. It is hand-woven cotton, which is why that looks like it. There are several stores that only sell Khadi sarees, skirts, blouses, shirts and trousers.


Chambray is a denim-like fabric that is really cotton-silk or linen with a coloured and white yarn. It is less expensive than linen but somewhat more expensive than cotton and is an excellent summer substitute for jeans. Chambray fabric is offered in shirts, slacks, skirts, and tops.


Chanderi, is a lightweight fabric that makes it apt for summer. It is also available in bright colors and has a slight sheen to it which makes it wearable for parities as well. Chanderi is a blend of cotton with light silk and some zari. You can buy kurtras as well as Chanderi sarees. It isn’t too commonly found in western wear yet. The fabric is wearable and also looks good.


Linen is the one fabric that is perfect for any season. However, it is especially pleasant in the summer because it is light and does not adhere to your skin. Linen comes in a range of quality and is quite expensive. However, customers are soon realizing the comfort of wearing linen items on a hot day and are prepared to pay a few extra rupees to stay cool. Fashion firms now sell everything from shorts to blouses, shirts, trousers, and even linen sarees.

Ethnic Bottoms for women

Select the appropriate outfit styles:

Summer is associated with shorts, skirts, and sleeveless attire; however, these are not the best outfits for this season. They expose your skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause UV damage and heat rashes. While it is recommended that we apply sunscreen before going outside, many people do not, leaving their skin unprotected and exposed. The heat also dries out your skin, making it stiffer and more prone to wrinkles and ageing. When you think about it, people who live in the Middle Eastern deserts wear loose clothing that covers them from head to toe, mostly to keep cool in the scorching heat. Summer outfit essentials include loose trousers and long skirts.

T – Shirt Styles for Men and Women

T-shirts are the most fashionable clothing for both men and women, as well as some of the most comfortable clothing.

Crew neck t – shirts:

Crew neck t-shirts are both fashionable and comfy to wear. Combine it with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Collar t – Shirt:

A simple Collar t – shirt adds style no matter the occasions like party, sports, office and get togethers.

Boat neck t -shirt for women:

The charming and fashionable boat neck shape adds a whole new depth to this basic yet attractive style.

Round neck t- shirt:

Round neck t-shirts on women appear attractive and appealing and are ideal for informal gatherings and everyday use.

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